Seven years of suffering

Abdullah, who suffered from kidney failure, had endured endless pain for seven years.

The first period of his illness was the hardest, as the governorate of Al-Mahrah in Yemen did not have any medical centers that treated people with kidney failure. Abdullah was forced to travel to other governorates to seek treatment.

Abdullah and his 11 children lived under very difficult conditions, which were made even more challenging by his deteriorating health condition. His hardships continued until five years ago, when he discovered the KSrelief-funded dialysis center in the city of Al Ghaydah. From the day he first arrived at the center, Abdullah’s life began to change for the better.

After examining his condition, the doctors at the center prescribed three dialysis sessions per week for Abdullah to remove all of the toxins from his body. Today, he continues this treatment regimen, and his overall health condition has noticeably improved.

The dialysis center in Al Ghaydah continues to provide comprehensive health care services to kidney-failure patients, thanks to support from KSrelief. The center is using state-of-the-art equipment, and operates at a capacity of 22 patients per day, with highly-experienced medical staff providing patients with the best possible care. The center also plays an important role in providing patients with financial support.