The KSrelief Portal takes the confidentiality of its users and visitors as a top priority, and the portal management makes every effort in order to provide high-quality services for those benefitting from it. Thus, the privacy and confidentiality, herein illustrated, are considered part of the usage terms and provisions of the KSrelief Portal and its provisions.

 King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) does not gather personal information about you when you visit its portal unless you specifically and knowingly opted to provide such information for us. And if you opted to provide such information, we would only use it to respond to your request for information or services in line with what is mentioned with regard to these policies. 

And by using the KSrelief Portal, that means you have complied with such a privacy and confidentiality policy. Visitors and beneficiaries of the Portal should keep taking a look at the terms and principles of privacy and confidentiality every now and then, in order to be updated and informed of any modifications to them, bearing in mind that the Portal Administration is not to be liable to announce any updates applied to these terms and principles.

 And using the portal means that you have viewed and complied with these terms and principles and the continuous recurrent modifications applied to them.