KSrelief-supported Al Ghaydah Dialysis Center Provides Ongoing Healthcare for Patients in Al Mahrah

AL GHAYDAH, YEMEN: The Dialysis Center in the Al Ghaydah directorate of the Al Mahrah province continues to provide medical services to targeted beneficiaries, thanks to support from the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief).

In October 2021, the center received 146 patients, 43 of whom received a total of 373 dialysis sessions; treatment included 370 regular sessions and 3 emergency sessions. A total of 60% of the patients were male, and 40% were female; 96% were local residents, while 3% were IDPs, and 1% were refugees. 

This is one of the many KSrelief projects provided on behalf of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to improve Yemen’s health sector and alleviate the suffering of people in need.