KSrelief Signs Two Joint Agreements with FAO in Rome

ROME, ITALY: Two joint agreements were signed yesterday in Rome between King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Centre (KSrelief) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). The agreements were signed by Dr. Abdullah Al Rabeeah, KSrelief’s Supervisor General, and Qu Dongyu, Director-General of the FAO. 

The signing took place following a meeting between Dr. Al Rabeeah and Director-General Qu Dongyu at FAO during which they discussed ways to enhance joint cooperation in the food security, nutrition and early recovery sectors to provide vital assistance to vulnerable communities around the world. 

The first agreement will enhance the partnership between the two organizations and determine the structure, purpose, implementation, and management of their programs. These objectives will be achieved through FAO’s “Hand-in-Hand” initiative, which includes the exchange of knowledge, expertise, field experience, capacity-building, innovation, and mutual attendance at professional events held by each other’s organizations on topics of common interest. 

The second agreement calls for the implementation of a joint program for emergency agricultural livelihood assistance for 24,030 beneficiaries in the Yemeni governorates of Hajjah and Lahij who are suffering from food insecurity due to the effects of conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic. Local farmers and others living in agricultural communities will benefit from this program through the following activities: supplying animal feed and salt blocks for livestock; supplying agricultural seeds and tools to increase crop yield; and providing training to farmers to help them improve crop yield and increase livestock production. 

“I am truly happy today,” Dr. Al Rabeeah stated, “to be here at FAO headquarters to sign two very important agreements. One is a general agreement to reemphasize the intention for our future collaboration in many felids. And the second is an implementation agreement that will help many people in Yemen to build capacities and develop resilience. I'm sure this is the beginning of many projects to come, and we are honored and more than happy to collaborate with FAO to create a better future for those in need.” 

In his own statement to the media following the meeting, FAO’s Director-General Qu Dongyu stated that he was “so delighted to work together with KSrelief for the FAO mandate”, adding that FAO was particularly interested in cooperating with KSrelief to share experience in parts of the world where conflict and humanitarian emergencies impact people’s lives. “I really appreciate all the efforts and the support from (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leadership). I am so committed with my colleagues to make this world (a better place to live and to work).”